I hear .......... I Forget

I see ......................... I Remember

    I do ............................................. I Understand


why dave wall ?


I could say 25+ years in the industry .............. but nobody would believe me ...........


I look FAR too young !


because I am a successful photographer in my own right with over 45 major Awards to my name ?




BUT FOR MOST IT WOULD BE simply ....... Credibility


I already teach Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and other Photography related subjects across the globe


I AM now in the enviable position of running training sessions for such names as the SWPP, BIPP, MPA FUJI, Panasonic TO NAME JUST A FEW. I AM ALSO BLESSED TO HAVE traveled the world training a whole host of other professional photographers in both Adobe Photoshop and adobe lightroom.

This is where "Hopefully" I stand out from the crowd.

AS WELL AS A educator I AM ALSO AN internationally published and multi award winning photographer, I have also been in the photographic training field for over 25 years. MY lectures are renowned for their informative yet no nonsense approach coupled with a wicked (OFTEN SCHOOLBOY) sense of humor that keeps MY audiences on their toes at all times. Having taught in many colleges over many years I also have the uncanny ability to "read" my audience to clarify the quality of learning I deliver.






for a training price list please click the link below


Adobe Photoshop or Adobe LIGHTROOM training

Look no further than

Dave Wall Photo

ALL Skill levels catered for

ALL courses are Bespoke and tailored to your individual needs

Having been asked for many years to run mentoring sessions on an individual basis to help take people's businesses forward, I have now introduced them on a limited basis throughout the year.  

I limit the number of delegates I take on over any 12 month period to ensure I can give my utmost attention to people's needs.


So who have I trained ?? ..... or should that be who HAVEN'T I trained !!!


Some names you should recognize ?!!


 Kevin Wilson       Gordon McGowan       Adam Woolfit       Julie Oswin        John Parris      

Ross Grieve    Mark Seymore       Steve Howdle       Annabel Williams       Bella West       Claire Louise      

Jo De Banzie     Pete BristoJeremy Makinson     Paul Callaghan     Ross Grieve     Sandi Friend    

Denis Highland   Louise Sumner     Saraya Cortaville

Still unsure ?


It seems Wacom feel my work is "influential enough" to invite me to be one of the Wacom elite

a title only held by a small handful worldwide


Or how about a personal invite from Adobe to join their "by invitation only" club and become an Adobe Community Professional


I am also VERY proud to HAVE beEN an official PANASONIC LUMIX AMBASSADOR Photographer. An accolade that only a select few across the globe can boast

I am also VERY proud to HAVE beEn AN official Fuji X Photographer. AGAIN AN accolade that only a select few across the globe can boast


Why not give Dave Wall Photo a call to organize a group training session or a ONE2ONE to maximize your training potential ??

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Some things never change

I am still bald, chubby

with a twinkle in my eye !