With nearly 30 years of experience running a variety of both photographic and retouching studios, Dave has amassed a knowledge that is second to non within the UK photographic industry, encompassing a wide and varied set of disciplines.

As well as being a multi-award winning and internationally published photographer with over 45 Major Competition wins to his name, Dave is also a highly regarded and sort after seminar speaker and trainer across the world.

Offering a variety of unique, humorous and informative seminars it is no wonder his services are in such high demand by industry leaders in both the UK and abroad.

As if this weren’t enough Dave is also a photo-journalist for the photographic press, exploring and testing new technologies ensuring he is constantly ahead of the competition.

Dave also has an enviable retouching skill set, which has been recognized by Adobe (being awarded the titles of Adobe Influencer and ALSO AN Adobe Community Professional). In addition to this Wacom also personally invited Dave to join the handful of people around the world who can wall themselves Wacom Evangelists ...... high praise indeed.  

Dave Wall Photo however has never forgotten it's roots, that of a photographer first and foremost. With knowledge gained over his varied career dave ultimately realizes the importance of your products and brand, priding himself on gaining work through recommendation built on strong client relationships.

Capturing the essence of your products and project is what Dave Wall Photo has been built upon

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"First you take a photograph - then you create it"

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